Locking/Unlocking Premises

Mobile Patrol & Key Holding

First Eagle Security has recently rolled out our most cost effective security solution to date covering the South West of England.

Mobile patrols can significantly reduce crime at your property if implemented correctly by experienced and qualified personnel.

Utilizing our vast former policing experience, we will assess your site security and create a site review pinpointing any risk areas we feel require increased patrol attention and develop a guarding plan on your behalf.

Our patrols then have access to that plan which enables them to know your building or site sometimes better than yourself!

Once on site our security staff use the latest technology with our Mobile Security Patrol system combining NFC-enabled mobile phones with RFID tags. This gives you guaranteed proof that our security guard was at a particular location and what they were doing whilst there – simply by them touching a location tag we have placed at identified vulnerable locations across your premises with their phone.

How does it work?
Our Guards carry NFC-enabled mobile phones containing the security application.
Once on your site our guard touches the pre-positioned tag with their phone, which identifies who and where they are at that point updating our control center simultaneously.
Our technology also allows location-sensitive options that our guard can choose from and report in real time – such as site secure, window broken, alarm sounding etc.
All data from the patrol is immediately transmitted via GPRS to our 24hr national control center.
Clients can receive a monthly report on the times and dates the patrols have taken place.
Many clients also take advantage of our alarm response and key holding service. We always aim to be at your premises within the national alarm response guidelines of 20 minutes. Once on site the building is checked for any insecure areas and any ongoing situation dealt with professionally. All officers are trained to the highest level and receive yearly refresher courses in house on powers of arrest, reporting techniques and self-defense.

Additional services such as opening and locking up premises are also available.

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